Monthly Development Plan - December 2022

By Daniele Molinari
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December 01, 2022
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Monthly Development Plan - December 2022

Welcome to the first appointment of the Honeyside monthly development plan!

I am setting up a fixed monthly appointment to review planned releases and backlog items. If you are longing for the next update on our items, this is the place you will want to keep an eye on.

At a glance

A quick summary of the plan, as of December 2022.

honeyside.it01/12/2022Reworked with Gatsby.
forum.honeyside.it01/12/2022Enabled dark mode.
Elderberry04/12/2022New release: basic single-room meeting script.
Crumble15/12/2022Maintenance update.
Clover15/12/2022Maintenance update.
Mulberry23/12/2022New release: direct messaging script.
Laurel08/12/2023Directory listing mobile React Native app.
Clover17/03/2023To be reworked as v5.


Since you are reading this post, you might have noticed that I just updated the Honeyside website. It now runs on Gatsby, it supports dark mode, and it’s faster than ever!

Our current paid products are Clover and Crumble. Most customers are worried about the future of Clover, which we will cover in a dedicated section of this plan.

The main takeaway is that there will be a fundamental shift in product releases. We will no longer be targeting end-to-end, finite product development. We will be producing small, reusable scripts, aka our Berries.

Each Berry will be sold on CodeCanyon at a price of $39 (standard license) and $99 (extended license).

The first production-ready Berry will be Elderberry: a basic mediasoup meeting script with audio and video via getUserMedia. It will be released this month.


Clover v2 is our latest production-ready version with meetings. It is expected to stay so until the end of winter.

Clover v4 is production-ready from a messaging standpoint, but its meetings system doesn’t work quite as well. To replace such meeting system requires a very deep restructuring, which will break backwards compatibility.

Therefore, Clover v4 will be marked as production-ready for messaging (without meetings support) this December. At the same time, v4 development will halt completely and v5 development will begin.

The current forecast is that Clover v5 will take a whole season to be developed. Its release is not to be expected until March 2023.


Crumble will receive a maintenance update in the month of december.

Some customers are requesting Crumble to have an own billing system. This is not going to happen unless we sell at least 200 licenses.


Elderberry is the common name of the Sambucus.
Elderberry is the common name of the Sambucus.

Elderberry is the common name of the Sambucus. It’s the plant behind the Molinari sambuca, a famous Italian liquor that happens to have my last name. I wanted “the first of many” berries to be somewhat named after me.

Elderberry will be a basic mediasoup meeting script with audio and video via getUserMedia. In other words, there will be a single meeting room that you can join with camera or microphone, or camera and microphone.

It will be released this December, on CodeCanyon, at a price of $39 (standard license) and $99 (extended license).

The first version of Elderberry will have a React frontend and a Node.js backend.

If this item succeeds and there is consistent demand for it, we will add separate items with Angular and / or Vue frontend.


Mulberry is a simple, socket.io-based, direct messaging script. Its release is planned for this Christmas.

It will be released at the end of the month, on CodeCanyon, at a price of $39 (standard license) and $99 (extended license).


Laurel is a directory listing React Native mobile app.

This will be the first mobile app to be released by Honeyside on CodeCanyon.

As a generic rule, we will not provide item support for mobile apps. This is because we can’t provide support for App Store and Google Play publishing to all customers.

It will be released in January 2023, on CodeCanyon, at a price of $39 (standard license) and $99 (extended license).


If you have any suggestions, please email us at dev@honeyside.it

Please keep in mind that we will not necessarily develop your suggestion, as we will evaluate both feasibility and ROI before pushing something into our backlog.


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