Argan Mobile - Download Links

By Daniele Molinari
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February 02, 2023
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Argan Mobile - Download Links

Argan Mobile is a mobile enterprise meetings platform, with audio, video and screen sharing. It can have infinite meeting rooms and instant messaging within the meeting. It is based on mediasoup, and it uses getUserMedia underneath.

Click here to download from the App Store (iOS)

Click here to download from the Play Store (Android)

Surprise your friends and colleagues with your own meetings platform! Host meetings, connect with people. Welcome to Argan mobile.

You can play around and host meetings on the Argan app itself, or you can buy the app source code and publish your own (rebranded) meetings app. You are also allowed to charge your users for usage, within the extended license.

Download links

Click here to download from the App Store (iOS)

Click here to download from the Play Store (Android)

Copyright and license

Argan Mobile’s source code is sold exclusively through CodeCanyon (Envato marketplace), where the CodeCanyon Standard Licenses apply.

You will need one Regular License for each installation of Argan. If you are planning to sell products that will include the Argan original or modified source, you will need an Extended License.

Copyright © Honeyside - All Rights Reserved

Unauthorized copying of the Argan source and/or executable files, via any medium, is strictly prohibited.


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