Christmas Promo 2022

By Daniele Molinari
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December 21, 2022
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Christmas Promo 2022

Santa has come to town earlier this year, celebrate Christmas with our sweet deals!

Here is the detail:

  • Argan has been released on Dec 20, 2022. There will be no discount on Argan, but you truly want to take a look at this masterpiece.
  • Crumble will be on 76% discount from Dec 22, 2022 to Dec 27, 2022. Purchase price will reduce from $39.00 to $9.00.
  • Clover will be on 30% discount from Dec 27, 2022 to Jan 01, 2022. Purchase price will reduce from $99.00 to $69.00.

Discounting campaign FAQ

I already own the item. Does item support renewal get discounted too?

Yes, if you own the standard license.

Does the discount apply to the extended license?

No, we never discount extended licenses. The promo applies to the standard license only.

Do I still get the full source code?

Yes, you get the full source code, as you always would in a standard purchase.

Do I still get free lifetime updates?

Yes, you get free lifetime updates, as you always would in a standard purchase.

Do I still get item support?

Yes, you get item support. However, should you wish to renew item support at a later time, new pricing might apply.

Discounting period is in AET (Australia Eastern Time) time zone (GMT+11). Once midnight hits, the discount ends and there can be no exceptions.


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